Schooling Options

Public / Private / Charter Schools
These provide in-person, on-site schooling in a brick-and-mortar building. Teachers provide curriculum, care, and education throughout the full school day. Public are free for all students and often serve children in the neighborhood where they exist. Private schools are for a fee and students have to apply and be accepted to be enrolled. Charter schools are often sponsored by the state, have their own curriculum, and are generally free.

Virtual / Distance Learning
Many of our public/private/charter schools offered virtual learning instead of in-person learning during the pandemic and some continue to do so. This type of learning is done online instead of in a brick-and-mortar school building. The school and teachers guide all education and lessons but the student does the work at home and parents can help to supervise and keep students on track.

Hybrid Schooling
Some schools are offering a mixed approach where some classes are in person and some are online. The teachers are still responsible for providing education and curriculum but the student will need to do some work at home and parents will likely need to be involved to help supervise and keep the students on track as needed based on the student’s level of independence.

Cyber School
You can register to attend a Cyber School to do virtual learning full-time. The Cyber school will provide all teachers, curriculum, and lessons while the student does their work at home. Parents will likely need to be available to help as much as they would in the virtual learning format.

Fully parent-taught education using a curriculum of your choice. Curricula are either faith-based or secular so you will need to do your research to find the program(s) that best fits your family and learning style. This method can become rather costly as you buy curriculums, programs, and other learning materials. This method is the most time consuming for parents as you become the full-time teacher, parent, at-home therapist, and more! In order to begin homeschooling correctly, you must follow your state’s laws (which vary state by state)

Regardless of the choice, parents need to check on the availability of services such as speech therapy or other therapies such as PT and OT, and assistance for learning differences in the different school options available in their area. It is possible to do homeschooling or private school and still receive special education services through the school district such as speech therapy.