How to practice communication in daily routines

Go for a walk and label objects and actions. Say/model “I see flower, bug, tree, sun!”, “Let’s walk, jump, run!”

Play with Mr. Potato Head, dress-up doll, blocks. Say/model “red dress”, “blue hat”, “purple boots” as you take turns choosing items.

Play with play food. Say/model “I like ____” and “I eat ____”, then say “mmmmm, yummy” or “ew, yucky”. As you do actions: “stir, stir, stir”

While getting dressed, say/model “I wear____” for each item or just label each clothing item.

Use lots of play sounds when playing- “guh, guh” for drinking, “sssss” for snake, “ch, ch” for train, etc.
Sing simple songs, finger plays.

Read, read, read. Read the book together. Go beyond the words and label/model objects, actions, colors, locations (in, on, under, over, etc.) in the book.

During play set-up (i.e. dollhouse, blocks, etc.), say repeatedly “in” or “out”. Do the same for clean-up.

By Gretchen Myers, MSLP, CCC-SLP
May, 2021