Frequency of Speech Therapy

Research has shown that children with childhood apraxia of speech require frequent and intensive therapy to improve their speech skills.  But what does frequent therapy look like?  The length and frequency of therapy should be based on numerous factors such as the attention span of the child, the resources of the family to attend therapy if not provided in school, the goals for the child – are there other areas that need to be addressed such as using Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC), or language or social skills? The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) for speech pathologists says 3-5 times a week is appropriate.  Research has also shown us that shorter, more frequent sessions are more productive when a child is learning new skills.  So, 20 minutes of therapy provided three times a week could be more beneficial than 30 minute sessions twice a week or one hour once a week.  As the child’s needs and skills change, the therapy should adapt to continue to meet the child’s goals.

This link is for an article that further outlines and gives support for frequent and intensive therapy that can help advocate for additional services.